Professional carpet cleaning


Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Cleaning


T​here are basic actions you can take to help ensure that your carpet last the standard 10 to 15 years. Vacuuming and spot removal between professional cleanings will help ensure the life of your carpet. For best results, it is recommended to vacuum carpet at least once a week. It may be necessary to vacuum high traffic or pet areas more frequently. Remember to empty vacuum bags or canisters when they are half to two-thirds full.​

How long will it take to clean my carpets?

On average, it will take approximately 20 minutes per room. This time can vary greatly depending on how soiled the carpet is and any necessary spot removal treatments.

Do I need to vacuum before carpet cleaning?

A light vacuuming in the traffic areas is recommended prior to our arrival.

What method do you use for carpet cleaning?

The method we use is hot water extraction, commonly referred to as steam cleaning. Hot water extraction removes the toughest, deepest dirt safely and gently. Hot water and a specially formulated cleaning solution are injected deep within the carpet fibers. Then, a powerful suction extracts deep-down dirt, allergens, cleaning solution and 95% of the moisture. It is the cleaning method recommend by most carpet manufacturers.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry after a carpet cleaning?

Dry time is affected by humidity, temperature and air flow to the area. It can take anywhere between 8-24 hours for the carpet to completely dry depending on those variables. Using fans in any rooms cleaned and turning on your air conditioner or heater (depending on the time of the year) can help accelerate drying time. You may walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning, but avoid wearing shoes as they may re-soil your carpet. Be especially careful when walking from damp carpeted areas to hard surface areas to avoid slipping.

How do you clean my tile and grout?

We scrub each individual grout line as well as tiles with tile and grout specific cleaners. We clean using high pressure from our truck-mounted units that will extract the dirt and grim embedded in the grout lines.

How long will it take to have my tile floor cleaned?

For an average size room (up to 300 square feet) it typically takes 30-60 minutes to clean the tile and grout. This can vary based on the size of the tile, amount of soil in the grout lines and room configuration.

How to clean upholstery?

Cleaning upholstery can vary greatly based on the fabric. Before you clean upholstery make sure to check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Typically, the tag of any upholstered furniture will have one of four different letters on it.

-W – you can clean this material using water

-S – no water. You will need a special solvent-based cleaner.

-WS – you can use water or a solvent-based cleaned on this sofa.

-X – vacuum only

What type of chemicals do you use?

25 out of 27 carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as the best method to keep carpets clean and looking like new. The hot water kills many types of bacteria on contact while a powerful vacuum sucks out dust, dander and other allergens hiding deep inside your carpets. All our chemicals are top-of-the-line cleaning products consistent with industry standards and manufacturers recommendations.

Do I need to move furniture?

Light furniture can be moved by our technician when they arrive at your home. However, if you wish to have the carpet cleaned under heavier items such as beds, couches and dressers those will need to be moved prior to the technician's arrival.

Is it safe for pets and children?

Yes! Your pets and children may walk, sit, play and sleep on the carpet once it is dry. For your pet's peace of mind (and ours) please put them in a safe place where our cleaning process won't disturb them while we are on site.

How often should carpets be cleaned professionally?

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, it is recommended that carpets be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. To extend the life of your carpet, follow the cleaning recommendations as well as vacuuming at least once a week. It may be necessary to vacuum high traffic or pet areas more frequently.

What is the best way to treat a stain between cleanings?

The first thing to do is act quickly. Blot, do not rub, the spot with a dry towel or paper towel (preferably white). Once the carpet is barely damp, apply a non-bleach dishwashing liquid with one cup of warm water and blot. Do not rub, scrub or use brushes as they can damage carpet fibers and cause fraying.  

Pre-Cleaning Checklist:

Please vacuum your traffic areas before we arrive.

Please secure pet's during the cleaning process.

Please have all large furniture that you wished to be moved done so before our arrival.